Blumenauer Hosts Nuclear Weapons Forum

PORTLAND, OR — Last night, Congressman Earl Blumenauer hosted a public forum,“The Cost and Threat of Nuclear Weapons,” focused on the fiscal, humanitarian, and environmental legacy of US and international nuclear weapons programs.

Over 150 attendees visited the information fair and presentations from Blumenauer and a panel of experts representing Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and Columbia Riverkeeper. Blumenauer also presented Carol Urner, from Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and member of the Oregon PSR Peace Work Group, with Lifetime Achievement Award.

According to a recent Congressional Budget Office report, the US currently spends over $150 million per day maintaining its nuclear arsenal. Earlier this year Blumenauer introduced HR 4107, the Reduce Expenditures in Nuclear Infrastructure Now (REIN-IN) Act of 2014. This legislation would save $100 billion over 10 years by reducing unnecessary nuclear weapons programs and significantly reduce the number of inter-continental missiles currently on 24-hour high alert. Last month, Blumenauer’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act requiring the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to annually update its report on the projected 10-year costs of our nuclear arsenal passed the House by a vote of 224-199 and was included in the final bill.

For more information visit:

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Columbia Riverkeeper



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