Madam Speaker, the Republican fiscal mismanagement is so bad and their budget proposal so dreadful that even the Republican caucus is having difficulty swallowing it.  Mainstream Republicans don't agree with K Street Republicans who don't agree with Wall Street Republicans, but they are hopelessly out of touch with the streets where most Americans live. 

The Republican caucus in Congress seeks to mask their fiscal irresponsibility with cuts for millions of poor, the sick, for students and their families, literally taking food from the mouths of poor children to pay for more tax cuts for people who need them the least.  There is much talk of scandal here in Washington, D.C., but to have a proposal offered up that would actually increase the deficit more than if they just gave up and went home is a scandal.  It's a scandal how tragically out-of-touch my Republican colleagues are from the needs and desires of the average American.

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