Blumenauer, member of House Budget Committee, helped shape budget priorities for energy, transportation, and healthcare

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), a member of the House Committee on Budget, voted in favor of final passage of S. Con. Res. 13, the conference agreement on the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget.  Blumenauer hailed this as an honest budget that puts the nation on a path to recovery.

This five-year economic plan will cut the deficit nearly two-thirds by 2013 and cuts taxes for middle class families by $1.5 trillion.  It will create jobs and grow our economy with targeted investments and reforms in health care, clean energy and transportation.

“People across the country are hurting. In Oregon, our unemployment has topped 12%. Today, Congress has responded with a thoughtful budget that will create jobs in Oregon and across the nation. It will grow our economy with targeted investments in clean energy, health care, and infrastructure,” said Rep. Blumenauer.  “President Obama inherited the largest deficit in United States history from the Bush Administration. The Obama Administration and this Congress are getting our country back on track.  Our top priority is creating jobs, investing in the American people, in the American economy, and laying the groundwork for future prosperity by creating green jobs, protecting the environment and tackling our health care crisis.”

As a member of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Blumenauer has worked closely with Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt (D-SC) to honor a commitment to responsible government investment.  Blumenauer advocated specifically for the following strategic priorities that are included in the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget:

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • The Budget Resolution provides a solid foundation for the authorization of the Surface Transportation Act to ensure that we have sufficient resources to renew and rebuild America.
  • The budget establishes a Reserve Fund, allowing an initial commitment of $324 billion to increase, if the additional spending can be accommodated in Highway Trust Fund.  This demonstrates this Congress’s—and President Obama’s—commitment to putting people to work building more livable communities across the country.

Energy Independence and Security

  • This budget includes a significant increase in renewable energy and energy efficiency investments, which will help revive our economy with green jobs.
  • In addition, the bill includes a deficit-neutral reserve fund for legislation to promote energy independence, spur the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and help businesses, states, communities, and households adjust to a carbon-constrained economy.

Health Care

  • This budget prepares Congress for an overhaul of the health care system, by including a deficit-neutral reserve fund and reconciliation instructions. Reform is needed to reduce the growth of health care costs, the largest single contributor to projected long-term deficits, and a growing burden on businesses’ ability to compete in the global marketplace and on American families’ prosperity.

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April 29, 2009   
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