Washington, DC – Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore) tonight voted with a majority of the House to pass landmark health insurance reform legislation. The bill will stop insurance company abuses, bring down the deficit, rein in health costs for families and small businesses, create up to 4 million new private sector jobs over the next 10 years, strengthen Medicare, and expand quality health coverage to 32 million Americans who cannot afford it now. Blumenauer issued the following statement:

“Today’s victory for health care reform, with coverage for 32 million Americans, is not just the culmination of 15 months of hard work in this Congress. It represents the historic accomplishment sought by presidents and members of Congress dating back to Teddy Roosevelt.

“That this accomplishment was achieved in the midst of difficult economic times and a toxic political environment, without any bipartisan support, makes it all the more remarkable.
“I am proud to have helped craft provisions that will improve medical quality, save money, and correct unfair treatment of high quality, low cost states like Oregon.

“Passage tonight will start making a difference for our families this year. Small businesses will get subsidies to help cover their employees’ health care. Children will not be denied coverage for preexisting conditions, and they will be able to stay on their family’s insurance policy until they are 26 years old. And this is just the beginning.

“The expansion of coverage is fully paid for, and most important, we reform a Medicare system heading for collapse and improve the quality of health care while reducing the federal deficit by over a trillion dollars by 2030.

“Tonight’s victory starts America on the road to better health and economy security.”

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