Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), a member of the House Budget and Ways and Means Committees, introduced an amendment to restore $1 billion in clean transportation funding that was cut by H.R. 1 and the Republican budget. The restored funding is offset by reducing wasteful tax subsidies for ethanol fuels. Rep. Blumenauer offered the following statement:

“This amendment rejects the short-sighted cuts to transportation funding in the Republican budget. As our families are struggling with rising gas prices, the Republican budget would impose further costs by constraining their ability to get to work, participate in our economy and maintain control over their daily lives. The Republican budget punts on the question of how we renew and rebuild America, and reduces our ability to build and maintain our vital infrastructure.”

“Already, transportation costs are some of the highest fixed costs that our families face.  In certain auto-dependent areas, transportation costs account for 27 percent of a family’s income, leaving less money for housing, food, healthcare and other important expenses. But where communities have invested in their infrastructure, families face fewer costs and economic barriers are reduced.  For example, residents of Portland, Oregon drive 20 percent less than residents of other major metropolitan areas and save $2,500 annually.

“I am pleased to offset the cost of this amendment by repealing truly wasteful subsidies for ethanol production. In the hierarchy of wasteful tax subsides, it’s hard to find one more wasteful than those provided to ethanol, which even major ethanol groups admit are not necessary.”

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