"The Republican party has shepherded through the House a budget that reflects the most profoundly negative view of America's future that I have seen in my time in Congress.

"The America envisioned by the Republican budget is one that cannot afford to improve its fraying infrastructure, instead envisioning a massive $100 billion cut in these investments. The America they envision fails to protect clean air and clean water, makes college education more expensive, and cuts food stamps for needy families. Rather than protecting Medicare, the Republican vision of America dismantles it, transforming it into a voucher program for private insurance.

"According to independent analyses, the Republican budget increases overall healthcare costs, limiting the federal government’s exposure to these costs, and instead shifting them onto American families. Their budget doesn't even try to reform military spending.  By preserving tax breaks for our nation’s wealthiest, it turns an opportunity for tax reform into more tax benefits for those who need it the least.

"The alternatives I supported—from the Democratic Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and the Congressional Black Caucus—each provide progress with some hard decisions and shared sacrifice, by not giving up on health reform but rather by accelerating its benefits, by investing in America’s infrastructure and communities, and by supporting America’s students and educators. These alternatives put us on a path forward to strengthen our economy and to rebuild and renew America. They are not perfect, but they do far more good than harm; something that cannot be said for the Republican budget.

"Budgets are statements of values.  The hard work of making specific spending decisions still awaits Congress.  The budget debate and upcoming appropriations process provides an important opportunity for all Americans to evaluate the different visions of America policy makers present.  I believe the progress of America’s past will continue in the future. That’s what I will work to support and improve."

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