Congressman Blumenauer visited with the New Seasons leadership today at their headquarters in Northeast Portland. New Seasons grocery stores started in 2000 with the goal of being a friendly neighborhood grocery that supports sustainable agriculture and home grown products. New Seasons has seen significant growth emphasizing this community-based strategy with twelve stores in the Portland region. New Seasons has a “Home Grown” program that points out local products and a commitment to donate ten percent of profits to various organizations in the form of grants and donations. New Seasons is planning an expansion into the Hollywood neighborhood of Portland in the next year.

“It was great to get an update on the growth of New Seasons from their team today. This is a local company that has helped tell the Portland story” said Blumenauer. “Many of the neighborhoods that New Seasons has invested in were once under-served. It’s great to see another sign of a Portland company doing right by its residents and suppliers.”


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