As the 3rd Congressional District now stretches across the Willamette River in Portland, Congressman Blumenauer has recently arranged a series of meetings with many of the region’s higher education institutions he now represents. This morning, the Congressman met with Portland State University faculty to get a sense of their federal priorities for the coming Congress, to learn about the university’s growing partnership with the City of Portland, and how PSU is helping to drive innovation in both public policy and sustainability. A number of initiatives were discussed, including the Vietnam Collaboration Public Leadership Program, the upcoming STEMposium conference that highlights the growing need for graduates in the science and math disciplines, and Portland State’s recently-formed Urban Sustainability Accelerator  that exports the region’s best practices in sustainability to interested cities across the country.

“I’m always excited to see the innovation coming out of Portland State University and the values, lessons, and best practices that were honed here over the past few decades exported to communities I visit across the country," Blumenauer remarked. As of earlier this month, the new 3rd Congressional District includes Portland State University, Oregon Health & Sciences University, and Lewis & Clark University.


The new 3rd Congressional District includes many of the universities that set the Portland region apart in regards to innovation, including Portland State University.  From left, Professors Chris Monsere, Ethan Seltzer, and Sy Adler, Congressman Blumenauer, Director Phil Kiesling, and Professors Ron Tammen, Bill Becker, and Rudy Barton.

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