Congressman Earl Blumenauer released the following statement on the reintroduction of legislation reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act:

Last Congress failed domestic violence victims last year by refusing to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This Congress should move immediately to reauthorize and strengthen it.  Since 1994, when VAWA was originally passed, domestic violence for adult women is down 60% and the number of intimate partner deaths has decreased 34% for women and 57% for men. That represents millions of lives saved and changed for the better. 

While the main purpose of VAWA is to prevent violence and support victims of violence, it also saves the taxpayers money by reducing the monetary costs associated with domestic violence. In its first six years, VAWA saved American taxpayers at least $14.8 billion dollars in net averted social costs.

If we do not enact this bill, millions of women, children, and families will be placed at much higher risk for domestic and intimate partner violence.  We must put these people first and not play politics with the health and safety of our fellow citizens.

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