As the 3rd Congressional District stretches across the Willamette River to include southwest Portland once again, Congressman Blumenauer has enthusiastically reached out to many of the schools and institutions that he now represents. This week, the Congressman visited two innovative institutions, Lewis & Clark University and Riverdale High School, who carry a larger mission of empowering students beyond the classroom walls.

“You have a real opportunity here to focus the next generation of leaders to truly help save the world,” the Congressman said, addressing a group of Lewis & Clark faculty and staff. “With all of the brainpower in this room, on this campus, and in this city, we could create a whole new sector of the economy that focuses on affecting social change.”


After speaking to an American Politics course about the importance of voting and public service, the Congressman addressed a lunchtime town-hall led by the university’s Student Body President, Xander Blair.

Following his visit to Lewis & Clark, the Congressman spoke to a freshman history course at Riverdale High School about his role and duties in the House of Representatives One of the main highlights of the trip included an opportunity for the Congressman to address an all-school assembly, answering student questions and concerns that spanned  such broad topics as education policy, cyber security, healthcare reform, and even nuclear fusion!


Blumenauer also convened a meeting of the school district’s faculty and staff concerning the current political and policy landscape in Washington, DC to hear their federal priorities for the 113th Congress.

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