Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Congressman Blumenauer hosted a roundtable with local coffee roasting companies yesterday at Stumptown’s new facility in the Central Eastside District of Portland. Portland’s coffee industry continues to gain global recognition and hosted the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual convention last April. Shipments of coffee beans into the Port of Portland have nearly doubled since 2007 and, by various counts, 11 new Portland coffee shops were identified in 2012 alone.

The roundtable focused on several topics including compliance with the federal Affordable Care Act, creating a local industry association to align roaster interests, and the overall health the economy in the Portland region.

“The roasting community is vital to Portland’s economy as well as a key part of the region’s brand” said Blumenauer. “With some collaboration to form an industry-wide advocacy network like our other craft industries in the region, the fast-growing industry will only go to further heights.”


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