Passing a budget resolution should be the first step in a process of guiding our country towards fiscal stability. In a time when the economy is strong and when there is a consensus on things like reducing the national debt, protecting Social Security and getting the most out of the dollars we invest, one would hope the budget resolution could be accomplished in a constructive fashion. At this time, we should establish a blueprint for government spending that guides our spending decisions through the coming years and gives a signal to the American public about our priorities.

Unfortunately, again this year that has not been the case with the budget resolution. The resolution adopted by the Republican majority continues a pattern of budget gimmicks, ambiguity, and deception. The Republican appropriators have no intention of following this blueprint and there is virtually no one in the Republican caucus who's going to have a voting record at the end of this year that would conform to what the budget resolution demands. This budget is rife with double counting, under counting for important priorities such as a Medicare prescription drug benefit, and slashes other priorities for massive tax cuts that are not supported by the American public and will not find their way into law.

I voted for four alternatives to this budget, all of which are superior to the Republican version which was passed. There are details of each that I don't necessarily agree with, but they are each more honest and would be better for America than the Republican version.

I hope I will see the day when we have a budget resolution that actually resembles the final budget at the end of the year.

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