Committees and Caucuses


Ways and Means Committee



A caucus is a group of legislators with shared interest in an issue.  Caucus members introduce legislation, educate other members of congress, and are public advocates for the issue they champion.

Since coming to Congress in 1996, Congressman Blumenauer has joined many caucuses. 


Blumenauer is especially involved with these Caucuses:


Here is a list of all caucuses of which Congressman Blumenauer is a member:

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus
  • LGBT Equality Caucus
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition
  • National Guard and Reserve Component Caucus
  • Coalition on Adoption
  • Fitness Caucus
  • Bosnia Caucus
  • Korea Caucus
  • Diabetes Caucus
  • Caucus to Control and Fight Methamphetamine
  • Human Rights Commission
  • House Oceans Caucus
  • Internet Caucus
  • Congressional Asian and Pacific American Caucus
  • Dem Caucus Congressional Taskforce on Seniors
  • Wild Salmon Caucus
  • High Performance Building
  • Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus
  • Congressional Land Conservation Caucus
  • Urban Caucus
  • Wine Caucus
  • Small Brewers Caucus
  • Quality Care Caucus
  • National Service Caucus
  • Congressional Native American Caucus