The Historic Preservation Caucus


At the heart of any livable community is the sense of place, a feeling that where you live is special and deserves to be honored. Historic preservation is an essential element of that sense, creating tangible evidence of our heritage, Urban and rural communities that respect their historic roots are more vibrant and connected to their past.

The Historic Preservation Caucus, which Congressman Blumenauer co-chairs, is dedicated to supporting key programs and legislation at the federal level that preserve our historic places, from main street to Wall Street.


The Historic Preservation Fund

Each year, the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) delivers critical federal support to local communities through State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (SHPOs &THPOs), which in turn are responsible for identifying, documenting, and preservation of America’s historic places, creating economic development, job creation, and community revitalization. The Historic Preservation Fund has also funded the Save America’s Treasures program and given grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for vital preservation projects.

The Co-Chairs of the Historic Preservation Caucus, Reps. Blumenauer and Turner, annually request funding for the HPF from the Appropriations Committee, and are joined by over 100 members of Congress.


The Historic Tax Credit

The Federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) provides incentives for private sector investment in the rehabilitation and re-use of historic buildings. Since its creation in 1982, the HTC has created more than 2.4 million jobs, leveraged nearly $110 billion in private investment by generating $4 of private investment for each $1 of tax credit. It's preserved nearly 40,000 historic buildings that celebrate and inform our heritage and sense of place. 

Congressman Blumenauer has introduced the Historic Tax Improvemnt Act, which would modernize and strengthen the Historic Tax Credit. At a time when there are limited federal tax dollars and an increased interest from the Administration in preserving our historic places, there is no better time than now to strengthen the historic tax credit. 


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