Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

The way we treat animals reflects the values that we hold and has a large impact on the livability and vitality of our communities. Congressman Blumenauer is a strong advocate for the protection of wild and domestic animals. He also works to protect the habitats of threatened and endangered species.

Blumenauer’s support for animal rights has earned him a 100 rating from the Humane Society of the United States in the 115th Congress as well as a reputation as one of the foremost advocates of animal welfare in Congress today. Blumenauer has sponsored several bills that have improved the lives of farm animals, pets, and animals around the world. In the 115th Congress, Blumenauer co-chairs the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus (CAPC) along with Rep. Buchanan (R-FL).

Protecting Domestic Animals

Congressman Blumenauer has lead the effort banning animal fighting and helping law enforcement combat its cruelty.

In 2017, Blumenauer again led a multi-member letter to the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, calling for funding for enforcement of the Animal Welfare act, and Veterinary Medical Services Act, as well as federal animal fighting and other laws. That same year, Blumenauer called for language in the Appropriations bill restricting the use of funding for horse slaughter inspections in the FY 2018 spending package. Blumenauer and his colleagues also introduced the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act to strengthen laws that prohibit the trade of obscene animal torture videos.

Protecting Farm Animals

Animals raised for human consumption deserve humane and compassionate treatment. Farms that raise and process livestock by more humane means expands choices for consumers. However, 80% of antibiotics administered in the US were used for farm animals to counteract unsanitary conditions.

In 2017, Congressman Blumenauer spearheaded the effort to increase funding in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill to enforce the Animal Welfare Act, Horse Protection Act, and Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, among other federal laws to protect farm animals. Joining Blumenauer were over 170 other members who supported funding for enforcement of regulations to protect farm animals, including those that require humane conditions in slaughterhouses.

Protecting Wild Animals

The health of wildlife, including those in urban settings, is directly linked to the health of the ecosystem. Congressman Blumenauer is widely recognized for his environmental efforts and commitment to preserving ecosystems for all the world’s animals.

Congressman Blumenauer stands strongly against the Trump Administrations attacks on the Endangered Species Act and continues to fight with his allies in Congress to rally against the threats they pose to some of our most iconic—and most humble—species.

Protecting Research Animals

Congressman Blumenauer is a strong advocate for continued investment in new research technologies, particularly for medical advancements. He also realizes that Congress has a role to play in reducing the harm to animals used in research, testing and education, by promoting alternative methods.

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