Defense and Homeland Security

Providing for the common defense is one of the Congress’s most central duties. Earl has worked to ensure that the government takes a comprehensive and long-term approach to defense and homeland security. It is not enough to ensure that America’s military and security personnel are the best in the world. The government must effectively partner with those who serve, individual states, and the global community.

Homeland Security

Earl believes that a safe, secure and resilient homeland means more than just preventing the next terrorist attack.  It also means ensuring that the liberties and privacy of all Americans are respected, that we are prepared for natural disasters, pandemics, cyber attacks, and the ever-changing nature of international threats.

One of the most critical pieces of national security is the preparedness of local communities, ensuring that the federal government partners effectively with states and local responders like police and local fire departments.  Earl has worked to ensure that the first responders in the Portland metropolitan area have access to the training and the equipment they need and has consistently fought to secure funding for the Fire Grant Program, Urban Area Security Grants, and the SAFER program. These competitive federal programs enable local jurisdictions to adequately staff, train, equip, and respond more effectively to threats to community safety.


Earl has fought to ensure that our government takes a comprehensive, realistic, and long-term approach to national defense – including guaranteeing support for America’s Reserve and National Guard forces to help them meet the challenges that have come when they have an expanded role in oversea conflicts.

He is proud to support the 142nd Fighter Wing and 125th Special Tactics Squadron of the Oregon Air National Guard, both of whom call Portland home. He was instrumental in the successful community effort to preserve the strategic Portland location of the 142nd.

Earl also believes that overall Defense budget should be reduced, particularly nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are dangerous, costly, and don't help us with the strategic global challenges we face today.


For more information about Earl's views and legislation related to the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, please contact the office.