Tax Fairness

Since coming to Congress, Earl has based his fiscal policies on five basic principles:

  • A tax system that addresses income inequality and ensures a living wage for all Americans;
  • Funding commitments to our children, seniors, veterans, and the environment;
  • Honoring our promises to present and future Social Security and Medicare recipients;
  • Paying down our national debt; and
  • Avoiding funding shortfalls for important national priorities.

Earl supports tax policies that are prudent and responsive to our nation’s challenges.  He is fighting to ensure that Congress moves towards a fiscal framework that is sustainable and is done with consideration of long-term consequences.  As a member of the Ways and Means Committee,  he supports changes to the tax code that will improve fairness and fiscal stability.

He strongly opposed the Trump/Republican tax overhaul that was rammed through Congress.  Special interest donors and big corporations won out over hard working Americans.  Oregonians were hit particularly hard with not being able to fully deduct state income and property taxes.   The tax scam is also adding trillions to the national deficit over the next decade to pay for the GOP's tax giveways.

For more information on Earl's support for tax fairness, please contact the office.