Again, enough is enough.  

October 2, 2017

Dear Friends,

Last night, our country witnessed yet another senseless act of gun violence.

The right-wing – and NRA – messaging point that nothing can be done to prevent horrific mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas is just wrong. Over two years ago, I released a comprehensive plan to deal with gun violence like the public health epidemic that it is. There are commonsense steps we can take to protect our families, including:

  • Keeping guns from the most dangerous users by closing the “private sale loophole” and implementing comprehensive and uniform background checks;
  • Having law enforcement follow up with each person who fails the background check;
  • Restricting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that are unsafe in any public space;
  • Removing barriers to research on gun violence to allow us to fully understand the impact and implications of current policies;
  • Making sure guns are tested and regulated to ensure consistency and that they operate as intended;
  • Empowering health care professionals to discuss all matters that affect their patients’ health, including gun ownership;
  • Ensuring better regulation for gun dealers and focusing compliance on the few unscrupulous gun dealers;
  • Enforcing existing gun laws by not letting the gun lobby undermine enforcement agencies;
  • Requiring that people purchasing a gun have liability insurance;
  • Improving our mental health system to make it more accessible and available and enhancing our capacity to help individuals with mental illness; and
  • Providing resources for first responders, schools, and public facilities personnel to deal with active-shooter situations. 

These solutions shouldn’t be hard – but sadly, none of the proposals I’ve laid out have even been considered by Congress.

From Orlando to Roseburg, OR and now Las Vegas, the carnage has only continued. How much more blood must be shed before we learn that ‘thoughts and prayers’ will do nothing to stop future tragedy? My hope is that sanity will prevail, and Republican leadership in Congress will muster up the courage to act.

I’ve said it before, and I never want to have to say it again: enough is enough.


Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress