America deserves to know where Congress stands

July 19, 2019
In my opinion, the Trump administration has manufactured a human rights crisis of epic proportions on our southern border and demonstrated a cruel disregard for human life through the inhumane treatment of millions of immigrants. 
To fight back, I’ve helped pass legislation establishing a pathway to citizenship for millions of DACA recipients and current holders of Temporary Protected Status. I continue to work with my colleagues to abolish ICE and restore our immigration system to restore a more compassionate, service-oriented culture. I’ve also introduced numerous pieces of legislation to end family separation, deny funding for Trump’s border wall, hold ICE and CBP accountable, and provide funding for Alternatives to Detention rather than propping up the private prison industry.
But the first step toward combatting evil, is naming it. That is why today I introduced legislation formally condemning the Trump administration’s systematic cruel and inhumane treatment of migrants, particularly children, at the southern border.
We must stop it, but with Mitch McConnell in the Senate and Trump in the White House, I think the chances of a legislative victory are not impossible, but slim. The very least we can do is shine a spotlight on those in Congress who, through their inaction and silence, seem to support locking kids in cages.
In this moment in history, I believe it's important for every member of Congress to answer a simple question: do you or don’t you support perpetuating the pain and suffering of millions of immigrants on the southern border at the hands of the Trump administration?
I certainly don’t and I won’t stop fighting until we reunite families, abolish ICE, and restore humanity into our immigration system.