America deserves the truth

May 3, 2019
In my opinion, actions taken by the Department of Justice clearly illustrate how the Mueller investigation was intentionally constrained. Yet, despite this limitation, it was a treasure trove of information that deserves further investigation. 
That is why I am joining Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s resolution calling for an impeachment inquiry. I believe the House, which seems to be the only chamber willing to hold this president accountable, must take serious action to carry out a formal investigation into impeachable offenses by the president. 
To be clear, I reject the notion that we should move immediately to an impeachment vote. That is producing a verdict before we have all the evidence and have built the case for the American people.
The House should use all the tools at its disposal to find the truth, because the facts are not going to change. Congress has a responsibility to obtain more facts and evidence. More importantly, the American people deserve to witness this investigation through public hearings. 
I think there’s a reason the president refused to talk to Mueller under oath. I believe he has an aversion to the truth and the more he talks, the more he twists. It is critically important that we carry out our constitutional duty to conduct oversight over the executive branch. Throughout this process, the American people must remain engaged, involved, and informed. They cannot be left behind.