Another year, another tax scam.

September 13, 2018
Under GOP leadership, the rich get richer, and working families foot the bill. 
Earlier this year, their tax scam raised taxes on middle-class families, hiked health care costs for millions, and lavished the most well-off and well-connected Americans with massive tax breaks. Now, the GOP wants to push through their “Tax Scam 2.0.” This scheme is more of the same, while adding even more to the deficit to pay for these careless giveaways.
There are people across our country without health care, without a living wage, and without homes. Students are leaving college crippled by debt. Our planet is either on fire or flooded. And this is what the Republicans want to do? 
Shower billions on the wealthiest?
Destroy our nation’s credit and weaken any possibility of dealing with issues that will affect our country for generations?
Rather than pad the coffers of those who need it the least, Congress should be lifting people up and investing in education, health care, basic research, and the roads, bridges, and rails that connect our communities – helping everyone achieve the American dream. Those investments will pay dividends for generations to come and give everyone a chance to get ahead.
The Tax Scam 2.0 is a travesty and another example of the GOP’s misplaced priorities: the big over the small, the wealthy over the poor, and the haves over the have-nots.
We won’t stand by and allow this secretive and irresponsible thievery from America’s middle class. We will fight.