Beyond resistance: Banning offshore drilling

August 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

It is the 15th day of my email series, “Beyond Resistance: The things we should do to make us safer, healthier, and more economically secure.” Today’s topic: banning offshore drilling.

The United States must act to protect fragile and vulnerable areas from offshore drilling. We need to preserve natural ecosystems across the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans, which is why I strongly support permanently protecting these waters from drilling that could irreversibly damage habitat, impact water quality, and affect natural processes in our oceans and on our shores.

My colleagues and I have developed legislation to ban offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and off the U.S. West Coast. We must protect our oceans.

Rather than drilling in some of the most ecologically sensitive regions in the world, we should support programs that reduce pollution and quickly transition our economy and energy sector to a clean, sustainable future. Our legacy should be one of conservation, careful investment in preservation of precious natural resources, and protection of human health and our fragile climate.

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Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress