Beyond resistance: Making college affordable

August 14, 2017

Dear Friends,

It is the 17th day of my email series, “Beyond Resistance: The things we should do to make us safer, healthier, and more economically secure.” Today’s topic: making college affordable.

With rapid changes in technology and the relentless pace of automation, now more than ever, Americans want a college degree to compete in the global economy. That said, the skyrocketing cost of tuition puts college out of reach for too many people. Nationally, the average student attending a four-year college leaves with over $30,000 in student debt. This should be unacceptable.

This crisis is why I support the College for All Act, which eliminates tuition and fees at public colleges and universities for families making under $125,000 a year. It also allows Americans to refinance their student loans, and prevents the government from profiting from student loan programs.

I will continue to advocate for strong and consistent federal support for education and initiatives that invest in the next generation. This also means we must reign in for-profit colleges, which often leave students with mountains of debt, worthless degrees, and little to no transferrable skills to get a job.

Every American should have the opportunity to get an education, regardless of socioeconomic status. Access to a quality public education is critical to create a level playing field for all and a stronger America.

I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You can connect with me here.


Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress