Beyond resistance: Publicly funding campaigns

August 19, 2017

Dear Friends,

It is the 22nd day of my email series, “Beyond Resistance: The things we should do to make us safer, healthier, and more economically secure.” Today’s topic: publicly funding campaigns.

“Dark” special interest money has infiltrated our campaigns in the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United v. FEC decision. It is critical that we make our elections about the people, not about ultra-rich special interests. One way to reduce special interest influence is to publicly finance campaigns.

I joined my colleagues to introduce the Government By the People Act. This legislation would substantially reduce the influence of dark money, diversify the pool of political candidates, and encourage campaigns to build bases of small donors and real people.

By publicly funding campaigns, along with other reforms, we can ensure that money does not act as a barrier to democracy. Everyone should have an equal chance, regardless of support of secret mega donors.

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Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress