BREAKING: The biggest health care news of the year

June 8, 2018

Trump and Congressional Republicans couldn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), so last night Trump ordered the Department of Justice to dismantle the law brick-by-brick. This announcement, which would take away guaranteed access to affordable health care from 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, is yet another chapter of the coordinated Republican effort to sabotage our health care system.

These actions are unprecedented, reprehensible, and shameful!

Instead of fulfilling his Constitutional duties to faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress, Trump and his Justice Department are using the Republican tax bill as a totally specious justification to discriminate against Americans with pre-existing conditions, drive up uninsured rates and out-of-pocket costs for Americans, and further attack and undermine our health care system. 

These actions come on the heels of new reports that show the Republican tax bill is directly responsible for reducing the life of Medicare. The Medicare program is now projected to run out of funding in 2026 – three years earlier than was estimated last year. Make no mistake, this is part of the GOP strategy to create an artificial (and now real) Medicare funding crisis, and then use it as justification to make deeper cuts to the program.

These coordinated efforts by Trump and Congressional Republicans will have immediate and disastrous effects on our health care system and the American people.

I’m working with my colleagues to figure out what we can do to stop them—because we must enhance and protect Medicare and the ACA.