Fighting for you

December 8, 2020

As the end of the year approaches, there’s a lot of discussion about what a badly-needed COVID relief package will look like. It’s unacceptable that Republicans in the Senate are only just now coming to the table, after dragging their feet for so long.

Millions of people continue to face a real crisis. Without swift action from Congress, 19 million people risk being kicked out of their homes as eviction protections expire on December 31. An estimated 12 million people will lose their extended unemployment benefits on December 26. 

Congress must support individuals and small businesses – not large corporate interests – as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even while the Senate is working to have the smallest possible relief package, we continue to urge broader consideration. 

In particular, I’m fighting for: 

  • Monthly cash payments of $2,000 a month to individuals and families for at least the next six months.  

  • Direct rent and mortgage assistance, including an extended eviction moratorium to keep people in their homes.  

  • Increased SNAP benefits and additional funding for local programs that help families put food on the table.  

  • We keep gaining nationwide traction on my RESTAURANTS Act to provide cash grants to small, neighborhood restaurants, bars, and cafes to help more than 11 million restaurant employees and preserve the vitality of our communities. 

  • Cash grants to rescue independent live entertainment venues in Oregon and across the country that need help making it through the pandemic.

While the need for rapid relief is urgent, we are also laying the foundation for what the Biden administration would request for another package when they are in charge. The scaled-down agreement with the Senate is not the last word, it’s just the next step. We will continue to advocate for relief packages that provide a strong safety net for all those who are struggling. 

As a reminder, my staff and I are here to help you. Please visit my website at or call my office at (503) 231-2300.