Getting things done

May 3, 2019
This week was one of progress on our progressive agenda. In just one week, we tackled issues like Tribal housing, climate change, health care and infrastructure. Here are some of the highlights:
  • The House passed my legislation to authorize funding to improve Tribal fishing access sites along the Columbia River. This is a major first step in a long-term fix that addresses the shocking conditions at fishing sites, improving access to water, sewer, electricity and general living conditions;
  • I testified in front of the House Veterans Affairs Committee on the importance of veterans having access medical marijuana for chronic pain and PTSD treatment. I’m working with relevant committees to make sure that commonsense, comprehensive cannabis reform moves forward this Congress; 
  • The Rules Committee heard from patients, providers and economists to explain why we needMedicare for All, and how we get there. This is the first official Congressional hearing on Medicare for All to date, which shows the increased momentum behind the movement. Health care is a right, not a privilege;
  • The Judiciary Committee held the first hearing in 36 years on the Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA will enshrine women’s equality in the Constitution by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. Oregon ratified the ERA, and now, we are only one state away from the required 38 to be ratified to our Constitution. We won’t rest until women and men are equal under the eyes of the law; 
  • I testified in front of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on the desperate need to rebuild and renew America. America’s infrastructure is falling apart while we fall behind. With the help and leadership of Chairman Peter DeFazio on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, we will bring our transportation into the 21st century and provide living wage jobs for families across the country. 
Democrats are working to deliver results for the American people. I’m making sure we deliver on the issues that matter most to Oregonians. Thanks to your energy and commitment we will continue to protect the progressive values we hold dear.