History will thank us

December 18, 2019
Today is a solemn moment as the House voted to impeach a president for only the third time in our nation's history. I am absolutely convinced that voting for these articles is the right thing to do, thanks to the outstanding work of our House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, and I did so proudly. 
But the job is not done. 
There are witnesses yet to be heard from, there are cases working their way through the courts, there are more investigation underway, and Trump literally continues to incriminate himself every single day.
These Articles of Impeachment do not expire next week, next month, or next Congress. It is absolutely essential that we allow the investigation to continue, and not surrender control to a sham trial in the Senate, where McConnell is working hand in glove with the Trump White House. 
I proudly voted to impeach Trump today. But we should retain control of the articles, allow the investigations to continue, and make sure that the Senate does their job.
Earl Blumenauer