Inaction is killing people

August 7, 2019
This weekend, we confronted the horrors of two more tragedies America has seen at the hands of hate, white supremacy, and gun violence. 
In El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, several families lost loved ones because of hate-fueled violence likely brought about by Trump's dangerous rhetoric. The increase in hateful acts of violence come as no coincidence. Having a president who seeks to divide us in the crudest terms is not without costs and, in this case, deadly consequences.
Inaction is killing people. Earlier this year, the House passed H.R. 8, comprehensive gun control legislation that garnered support from both sides of the aisle. This legislation would require universal background checks. That simple, commonsense policy could have stopped the gunman in both Texas and Ohio, states that do not require background checks, permits, or firearm registration. 
The gun violence epidemic should be treated as the public health crisis that it is. I have a comprehensive plan to tackle our nation's gun violence crisis that includes keeping guns from the most dangerous users, authorizing and increasing research, and banning the most dangerous products, like the assault rifles used to carry out the latest massacres. 
We need to take these actions and others to stop the killing.
For the families who have lost loved ones, we as a nation have failed them. But for everyone still living, It's not too late for us to stand up to the White House bully and his racist tirades that incite hate and violence. It is not too late for the Senate to pass the gun safety legislation that we have swiftly moved through the House of Representatives. It is not too late for Mitch McConnell to address the tragedies that are all too common in this country and give hope to American families who despair at the carnage from gun violence. Forcing him to act on what we have already passed will be a critical first step for more progress in the future. It needs to start now and it needs to start in the Senate with H.R. 8. 
Enough is enough!