It's time to abolish ICE

June 26, 2018

Children are not invaders.

And children should not be used as political pawns for reckless immigration enforcement policy.
There is a reason that tens of thousands of people have fled to our southern border in pursuit of a brighter future. The chaos and violence they face in their home countries is worthy of asylum. It’s our responsibility to provide it if warranted.
What is the answer to this “problem”? It shouldn’t be denying people the right to prove their case and fight for their lives. It shouldn’t be holding children and families hostage indefinitely. And it shouldn’t be forcibly taking children out of the arms of their mothers, putting them in cages and providing NO plan for reunification.
We should be prioritizing the protection of families and our borders in a humane and thoughtful way. People should be treated with compassion and respect.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is simply not doing that. There are too many examples across the country, and in our own community, of agents who violate ICE’s own standards—not identifying themselves, entering people’s homes without the appropriate warrants, sharing misinformation, and sometimes lying.
In 2002, I voted against the formation of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security. After careful reflection, it’s become clear that Trump and his administration have made the agency so toxic that it’s time to abolish ICE, and start over.
I am committed to working with my colleagues to rebuild from the ground up and restore a more humane and service-oriented culture that both protects Americans and respects immigrants. The Trump administration is talking about reorganizing government departments. Let’s start with ICE.