It's time we fulfill our duty to veterans

November 11, 2019
While you should always find time to thank a veteran for their service defending our country and upholding our nation's values, today is a day to reach further.
In Oregon, hundreds of thousands have answered the call to service. During times of peace and times of conflict, these courageous warriors made incredible sacrifice for the sake of our country.
Some of the most critical issues facing veterans today are issues we can make progress on. Protecting care for our wounded warriors and giving vets recovering from PTSD and chronic pain safer alternatives to opioids through medical cannabis should be a top priority. I have legislation, the Veterans Equal Access Act, that does just that. With bipartisan support, there’s no reason for Congress not to move forward on the issue.
Battling the housing crisis, providing mental health resources and job training, and ensuring veterans have equal and ample opportunity to re-enter the workforce and earn a livable wage are all top priorities and should never be overlooked. Our men and women on the frontline should never feel forgotten once they come home.
Today, let's be reminded to thank our servicemen and women and listen to their stories. The federal government must be a better partner to our veterans. We can do more, and we have a duty to do more. Veterans across the country have fulfilled their duty to us, it’s time we fulfill our duty to them.