Keep it in the ground!

September 13, 2019

Our climate is in crisis and if we want to save our planet, we have to stop drilling for fossil fuels, period.

The federal government has a special responsibility to protect fragile and vulnerable areas from drilling that could irreversibly damage habitats, impact water quality, and wreck our climate

I've been working to protect the environment from corporate sabotage for years. Rather than drilling in some of the most ecologically sensitive regions in the world, we should support programs that reduce pollution and quickly and equitably transition our economy and energy sector to a clean, carbon-free future. 

This week, the House of Representatives passed several bills to ban offshore drilling across the country and prevent the Trump Administration from opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to harmful drilling. These are key first steps to keeping fossil fuels in the ground. You can watch my remarks in support of protecting the Arctic below. 

I'm committed to fighting for a stable climate and a healthy planet.