My thoughts on impeachment

October 4, 2019
I know you have read the news. We are in a critical time in our nation's history. For only the fourth time ever, an impeachment inquiry has been opened against the sitting President of the United States. It is long overdue and with good reason. Trump has been accused of:
1. Colluding with a foreign power to get dirt on a political opponent (twice)
2. Directing the Executive Branch not to comply with Congressional subpoenas 
3. Profiting from the presidency
I was one of the very first to call for an impeachment inquiry. I thought it made sense months ago and is even more compelling today as his behavior grows ever more outrageous, reckless and dangerous. While support within our caucus continues to grow and the public clamor for action reaches its boiling point, we must fulfill our duty to defend the Constitution. 
However, we also cannot allow rampant corruption from the White House to distract us from the goals and legislative objectives that we are fighting to achieve. We CAN do both. Every day, I will continue fighting with my colleagues for universal access to quality, affordable health care, to boldly and urgently address the climate emergency, and ensure housing as a human right. 
Done correctly, we can continue on our ambitions for productive reform in this Congress, doing our work while laying the foundation for the ultimate form of executive accountability.

Nobody is above the law.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress