My time was better spent than listening to Trump's lies tonight.

February 5, 2020
I didn’t dignify Trump’s speech with my presence or by even watching it.
To take my place, I invited an Oregonian who is committed to fighting for one of the issues House Democrats have delivered on, and Mitch McConnell continues to leave it in the Senate graveyard. Michelle Freedman, a mother and caretaker of a child with Type 1 diabetes, has been fighting for lower drug prices, more affordable insulin, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions for over a decade. She is a shining example of the commitment and sacrifice necessary to care for a loved one with health conditions, and a sobering illustration of the challenges millions of Americans face just to keep their family healthy and safe.
We have crises in this country that the Trump administration is failing to address and we need bold action to solve. Some of my top priorities in Congress have been:
  • Establishing a universal, affordable health care system that works for everyone
  • Reversing generational damage done by the federal government that created America’s housing crisis and establishing a new platform for housing policy
  • Addressing the climate crisis with bold action
  • Ending the war on drugs and mitigating the damage done to communities of color through restorative justice
  • Rebuilding and renewing America’s crumbling infrastructure
  • Ensuring our elections and democracy are safe and secure.
I’m doing everything in my power to make sure this is the last State of the Union he will ever give, and I am looking forward to hearing the next president give a speech that befits the dignity of the office and the needs of Americans.