A new low

October 25, 2019
Earlier this week, Republicans pulled what was, in my opinion, one of their most pathetic and dangerous stunts yet. 
Dozens of Freedom Caucus members irresponsibly stormed the secure facility inside the Capitol where a deposition involving the impeachment inquiry was taking place. Not only that, they used their cell phones in a secure facility, where it was clearly not allowed, and demanded entry, compromising our national security with claims that these proceedings are happening "in secret."  
That couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, nearly a quarter of House GOP members already have full access to the depositions through their membership on one of the three panels leading the impeachment inquiry. Republican lawyers are also given the same amount of time to question witnesses as Democratic counsels.
In my opinion, this desperate attempt to change the narrative is shameful. It's clear that Trump is scrambling, attempting to obstruct the very investigation that could be his downfall. According to the Washington Post, he implored House Republicans to carry out these antics in an effort to "get tougher" on Democrats carrying out the impeachment inquiry. It's a disgrace.
This inquiry is not being done in secret. It is being done in plain sight by those who care about the constitution, about our democracy, and about America. The American people deserve to know the truth. Trump and his administration are not above the law. I will continue to fight back against these circus sideshow tactics getting in the way of Congress fulfilling its duty to defend the constitution.