No excuse for inaction.

March 19, 2018

Young people in Florida, in Portland, and across America are calling on Congress to finally end the epidemic of gun violence that has gripped our country for generations. 

This morning, I had the honor of addressing the Council of the Great City Schools as it gathers in our nation’s capital to address the many challenges confronting our education system. These school board members and superintendents—our very own PPS included—are standing in solidarity with students. American educators are calling for Congress to enact commonsense gun reforms now to keep our children safe. I am, too.

The evidence is clear: when action is taken to reduce gun violence, fewer lives are lost.

At the policy level, there are dozens of concrete opportunities for us to come together to protect children’s lives. (See my full plan here.) There is absolutely no excuse for inaction.

The hearts and minds of the American people have been touched and moved by our brave young people. I implore Republican leadership to heed their call and give us a vote on much-needed change.


Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress