Oregon Shutdown Stories

January 22, 2019
How have you been impacted?

From deep concerns about distribution of SNAP benefits and student loan payments, to home loan application delays, missed food safety inspections, and impacts to airport safety and security, the consequences of the administration not passing any budget bills from the House that would re-open the government affects every part of the country and the economy.  800,000 federal employees and their families are missing much-needed paychecks, with devastating impacts.  Families are unable to buy food, pay their rent and even their day care bill while they are still required to work without pay.

Millions of other Americans are also being impacted by the closure of critical services and understaffed agencies. I’ve heard from countless Oregonians who are concerned about the effects on families and the state’s economy.  Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, losing months – if not years – of work.

Oregon farmers like Eden of Lucky Crow Farm count on funding from an agricultural federal agency to build key farm infrastructure like greenhouses. Using approved funding, Eden planned to spend the next month constructing a new greenhouse to extend her growing season with early spring salad greens and other crops to sell at her local farmers’ market.  Farming is heavily seasonal and even a few weeks of delay can cause major setbacks for small farms like Eden’s. With the shutdown and her greenhouse funding - and construction - delayed, Eden will be able to sell fewer crops at the farmers’ market this spring, and will have to pay more to build the greenhouse during the summer months, a very busy time on a farm.

Craft brewers and winemakers like Anne of Helioterra Wines depend on a federal agency to issue label approvals before they’re allowed to sell their products.  Without label approval, Anne cannot bottle her wine, which means she won’t meet the sales deadline promised to her distributors.  She could miss the peak sales season, which retailers plan for months in advance.  For Helioterra Wines, this equates to several hundred cases that Anne may struggle to sell later because retailers will have already committed shelf space to non-domestic other wines.

How have you been impacted by this shutdown? Whether you're a federal employee, someone who has seen business drop over the past month, or if you have been unable to access a critical government service, please send me feedback.

I will continue to demand President Trump and his allies in Congress to end the shutdown now.   Let’s stop the grandstanding and get the government back to work for the people of our district and for America.


Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress