Our democracy is at stake

September 23, 2016

Dear Friends,
I wanted to update you on a little known proposal in Congress that will have serious implications.
Right now, the House and Senate are rushing to put together a funding package to make sure the federal government doesn’t shut down at the end of September.
One of the major sticking points of this package is regarding a potential Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rule that would require publicly-traded corporations to disclose their political spending for increased transparency. Republican leadership is working to attach a policy to the funding bill that will block such a rule – and are willing to shut the government down to do it.
This is outrageous. For too long, we’ve seen our political system awash with dark money—tilting the scales, overpowering the voice of individuals, and skewing local and national elections. This is another example of Congress attempting to further limit the ability of watchdogs like the SEC to protect our democracy.
I’m urging my colleagues to stand firm and stop any Republican efforts to undermine the demand for increased corporate disclosure. We deserve better.