Time to Get To Work

January 3, 2019

For the last two years, Republicans have had control over the House, the Senate and the White House. During that time, in my opinion, they have made a mockery of our government, attacking your healthcare, blowing up the deficit, cowering to what I believe are antics of this administration and shutting down the government three times.

Today, Democrats are taking back control of the House in protecting and promoting the interests of working families. This 116th Congress will now be able to defeat some of the worst legislative proposals, fight for responsible budgeting, and most importantly, hold what I feel is a reckless administration accountable. It has been clear to me that my role in representing our community is to be on the ground listening to, working with, encouraging, and planning with people determined to make a difference. That is why my priorities for these next two years will be:

  • Infrastructure: The failure to adequately invest in the maintenance—let alone the expansion and improvement—of the country's infrastructure poses real health and economic risks to everyday families today while jeopardizing future economic prosperity. Congress needs to listen to the American people about how this country together to best rebuild and renew America’s crumbling infrastructure.
  • Addressing the Climate Crisis: Climate disruption is the biggest and most dire environmental challenge of our time, affecting public health, the economy, and the natural world. A thoughtful, effective Green New Deal is an important part of the answer. Congress, in partnership with the community, can create good jobs, protect the environment, and share the benefits with all, especially those most impacted by climate disruption and toxic pollution. 
  • Healthcare: Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Congress must redouble the efforts to refine and advance proposals like Medicare for All, to lay the foundation for a future in which every American has coverage no matter their age, economic status, or pre-existing conditions.
  • “Invest and Evolve”: The US economy is one of the most productive in the world but it has also led to great inequality. Congress have a chance to build a stronger economic future for everyone by rebuilding and renewing America. This will help our country invest in our workers through apprenticeships, stronger unions, and increased education opportunities. Congress must begin to evolve our economy to drive innovation, create new good paying jobs, and invest in our communities.

With Democrats in charge, Congress will not only be able to reopen parts of the federal government that have been shut down and to hold Trump accountable but also start providing much needed, long-overdue oversight into the activity of this administration. Congress will be able to advance our bold vision that includes everyone—no matter who they are or what their zip code may be.

There are dozens of new members of Congress, an amazing array of fresh faces, new energy, and a renewed commitment to shared American values. Now is time to be clear about who American people are, what American people want, and how American people will make it happen. I look forward to working with you during these exciting next two years.


Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress