Trump's budget proposal is painfully misguided

February 11, 2020
In my opinion, Trump’s budget proposal reflects his misguided priorities: increasing unnecessary military spending while neglecting our most vulnerable. 
Proposing budget cuts to critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid, food assistance programs, and Social Security continue Trump’s history of policies that turn against those who need assistance most. 
In my assessment, Trump has a long list of broken promises he's made to the American people. He claimed that he would build a wall that Mexico would pay for and is now robbing the military for the funds. The poorly planned project, with construction so flawed that the wind can blow it over and gaps so wide flood waters can pass through, is a great metaphor for what I believe is his huckster approach. Since he took office, Trump's promise to eliminate the deficit has fallen flat. It actually appears as though it will double. 
The administration's policies add to the ballooning deficit by investing in wrongful military spending and outdated, dangerous cold-war era nuclear weapons that are fiscally irresponsible and do not make our country safer. Congress should do everything in its power to reject what I believe are Trump’s dangerous and nonsensical policies. 
I believe that Trump's budget proposal is a clear rebuke of our nation's values. Congress needs to fight back and cannot allow this administration to dismantle the programs that are so critical to communities across America.