Update – A fake fix for fires

November 2, 2017

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, the Republican Party doubled down in its war on our environment.

In passing H.R. 2936, the Resilient Federal Forests Act, by 232 to 188, the House chose to undermine bedrock environmental laws, interfere with judicial review, and sacrifice the integrity of our public lands in the name of a false fix for wildfires. Even the Trump Administration believes that the changes the bill makes to wildfire suppression funding are inadequate.

While a handful of amendments made the bill only marginally better, it is abundantly clear that the GOP does not prioritize the best interests of our national forests and the environment. If this bill as-written was signed into law, it would threaten habitat, clean water, clean air, and carbon storage in forests across the country. It cannot proceed any further. The Senate must stop this bill in its tracks.

I'll keep fighting for a real fix to the wildfire funding problem, while speaking out against horrific measures like these that put our public lands at risk.

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress