We are on the verge of a breakthrough for equality

February 13, 2020

We are on the verge of a breakthrough for equality in this country despite all the obstacles in our current political and social climate. Today we took a major step forward. 

The House just made monumental progress toward equal rights by extending the timeline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. When Congress passed the ERA in 1972, it attached an arbitrary seven year ratification deadline to the preamble. By 1982, 35 of the required 38 states voted to ratify the amendment. Fast forward to today, with votes in Nevada, Illinois, and most recently, Virginia, we have finally reached the 38 state requirement to ratify this critical civil rights protection.

The constitutional amendment would give women in the United States a critical tool in a legal arsenal to combat discrimination they face every day. It would provide a single, national baseline protection against sex discrimination to include things like pay discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and sexual and domestic violence, all across the country.

This is not a question of policy, it's a question of fairness and equality. As the Trump administration continues to promote policies that threaten women's health, safety, and equality on almost a daily basis, Congress must stand strong and solidify the equality of all Americans. I strongly supported this resolution and now it's on the Senate to take action.

The absence of the Equal Rights Amendment is a stain on our Constitution and our country. Women deserve to see their equality recognized.