We need a free and open Internet

July 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

The attack on an open Internet is well underway: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), now under new leadership appointed by Trump, recently published its official proposal, which in my opinion, rolls back important consumer protections and guts net neutrality.

The FCC is now accepting public comments, and you can learn how to comment here: https://techcrunch.com/2017/04/27/how-to-comment-on-the-fccs-proposal-to-revoke-net-neutrality/.  

I’ve long believed that the right to a free and open Internet where individuals, small businesses, and larger companies can all equally harness its power, regardless of their relative income, is not up for debate. We all witnessed a critical step forward in 2015 with the decision to treat broadband Internet access as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act. This is necessary to ensure the Internet continues to be the open platform where all content is treated equally, regardless of its source and without favor to particular products or websites. 

Without these protections, consumers could face a world where Internet service providers act as gatekeepers, slowing or blocking legal content, and picking winners and losers among applications and services. 

In an ever-globalizing society, where U.S. companies and individuals must compete like never before, we cannot allow the pursuit of profits by a few large corporations inhibit the progress and innovation of small businesses and entrepreneurs. I’m going to fight hard against what I believe to be attempts by the Administration and the Majority in Congress to rollback these important protections.
Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress