We need to make real climate progress

May 4, 2018

Climate disruption is the biggest environmental challenge of our time, bringing record temperatures, erratic and dangerous weather patterns, social disruption, and more severe ocean acidification, drought, disease, and wildfires. Under these circumstances our public lands, waters, and natural resources are ever more precious – a critical part of our resilience and fight to preserve our remarkable planet.

This crisis demands action. Yet, the Trump administration is only making matters worse.

We are witnessing attack after attack on the environment. Trump and his cronies have rolled back regulations that protect our health and environment, proposed devastating budget cuts to agencies like the EPA, and undermined science at every turn. And it’s no surprise. Trump has foxes guarding our environmental henhouses. Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, and Rick Perry are unfit. They are undermining the missions of the very agencies they represent and giving us new definitions for the words cronyism and corruption.

In Congress, I’m resisting these attacks and urging my colleagues to take action by

  • Accelerating to a clean energy future: Whether through tax provisions that level the playing field for renewables, increasing energy efficiency, or pricing carbon, our ultimate goal should be a 100% renewable energy economy. This week in Oregon, I had the opportunity to speak at the Oregon Solar Energy Industry Association's annual Oregon Solar Energy Conference, an incredible gathering of hundreds of solar professionals, leaders, wonks, and enthusiasts. These folks are on the front lines, working to continue forward progress and sustain momentum, despite the Trump Administration working against them.
  • Keeping public lands in public hands: As Interior Secretary Zinke and Trump threaten our public lands—including our own Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument—I’m joining communities in Oregon and across the country to fight back. Just this week, I had the opportunity to speak at a public lands town hall sponsored by Oregon Wild and KEEN Footwear to discuss with Oregonians how we can best protect our precious public lands. 
  • Saying NO to offshore drilling: I’ve strongly opposed the Trump Administration’s plan to open up our coasts to drilling. My colleagues and I have developed legislation to ban offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and off the U.S. West Coast.
  • Putting a price on carbon: I’ve introduced legislation that would impose a fee on America’s biggest polluters. Making sure that fossil fuel companies pay their fair share helps level the playing field by pricing dirty energy accurately – so clean energy can better compete.    

We need to make real climate progress, starting with protecting our public lands and natural resources, and transitioning to a clean energy economy. The fate of our planet and the lives of our children and grandchildren depend on it.

For more information on my efforts, click here to read an op-ed I wrote for Earth Day.



Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress


P.S. Outrage isn’t enough. If we are to move our nation forward, those of us who are appalled by the direction our country is going have an obligation to offer a positive alternative. Click here to read my list of 37 specific ideas that can make our nation and our world safer, healthier, more economically just, and more humane.