We need USPS

April 14, 2020

The United States Postal Service is vital to our communities during one of our most challenging times. It comes as no surprise that it's under attack from the Trump administration. We're fighting back. 

Trump last week said that he would veto any package that would provide resources to the postal service, which was under attack even before the COVID-19 health crisis. USPS workers are on the front lines of this crisis keeping our communities connected while we are being forced to disconnect. In rural and underserved areas that are already cut off, USPS is serving as a life-line during this period of extreme difficulty. USPS is keeping food on the table for millions of small business owners that rely on deliveries and online orders to stay afloat. An attack on the postal service is also an an attack on unions, veterans, and people of color, who USPS gainfully employs.

Trump's attempt to slash relief from hard working postal employees who are courageously serving their communities is despicable. 

We need USPS. Families need medical supplies and essential items. Small businesses need to provide goods to their communities. Our democracy needs to be fortified with vote-by-mail, which would be fueled by the postal service. 

Even before the pandemic, I was fighting for the survival of the postal service. Now, more than ever, it's crucial they get assistance from Congress. Trump will continue to pick fights, but we cannot allow his antics to harm the American people. The United States Postal Service pledges to serve all Americans, no matter how far they are. They are usually the ones who go the last mile. It's time we do the same for them and go further to keep USPS alive. We must protect this service from the worst impulses of the Trump administration.