Yesterday was a monumental day for American workers

February 7, 2020
Yesterday, the House passed the most comprehensive labor reform legislation in 80 years, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. 
Americans today are working harder than ever before, with much less to show for it. Unions are critical to increasing wages and rewarding the hardworking people who are the foundation of our nation. In 1956, roughly one in every three workers were union members. Today, just 10 percent of workers are unionized. This needs to change.
The PRO Act protects the basic right to join a union by introducing meaningful, enforceable penalties for companies and executives that violate workers rights. Currently, there are little to no penalties for corporations that violate workers' rights. This is shameful!
The legislation also:
  • Expands workers' collective bargaining rights.
  • Closes loopholes that corporations use to exploit workers.
  • Strengthens workers' access to fair union elections and protects corporations from tampering with the results.
Over the years, workers have been increasingly stripped of their rights, resulting in stagnant wages, widening income inequality, and unsafe workplaces. Organized labor brought us the 40-hour workweek, helped improve workplace safety, and bolstered environmental protections. It's time we give power back to the workers and away from big corporations. I strongly support this legislation and will continue to fight on behalf of workers everywhere to ensure the economy serves hard-working Americans, and not just the other way around.