Yet another attack on our wild creatures

November 15, 2018

Gray wolves are under attack from some of their worst predators: special interests.

This iconic species has been driven to near extinction by humans. Gray wolves are currently protected by the federal Endangered Species Act in much of the contiguous United States, with the exception of certain areas Congress has already carved out in the west, including Eastern Oregon.

Since House Republicans have been in charge, they've had an abysmal record on animal welfare and their first proposed legislation after the recess was to remove all gray wolves from protection under the Endangered Species Act, giving full management control to states. In Oregon, wolves are slowly fighting their way to a fragile recovery despite problematic management by the state. For far too long, Congress has played games with the future of our beloved wild creatures. Scaling back protections now is not only wrong, it has no basis in science. 


But, there is hope—the days of Republican control of the House are numbered. When Democrats take control of the House next Congress, I will fight to put an end to the GOP putting politics over facts. I will fight to let actual scientists inform our decisions, and will focus our efforts on actually funding programs that preserve our wild creatures, protect our lands, and save our planet.


When it comes to the environment and protecting endangered species, I believe science—not mindless politics—should rule the day.



Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress