You deserve to know what’s in your food

June 28, 2017

Dear Friends,

Last year, we fought hard for comprehensive labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). We got so close to taking a step toward stronger consumer protections, until big agribusinesses and food processors stepped in.

Unfortunately, Congress decided to pass a bill to establish a National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, which requires GMO labeling, but contains a massive loophole that allows big businesses to skirt clear disclosure. We’ve dubbed this law the Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act because it allows businesses to use an electronic label, or “QR code,” to disclose that foods contain GMOs. With “QR code” labels, only consumers with access to a smartphone and ample time can determine what is in their food.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now requesting comments from the public on what these standards should look like, including how strict they should be. You better believe that I have answers. Over 90% of the American public supports GMO labeling, and I’m demanding that the USDA implements the strongest standards possible.

I believe that any GMO labeling standard must cover every single ingredient, and should be easy to read. Companies shouldn’t be allowed to keep consumers in the dark by using a “QR code” label. Everyone, whether they have a smart phone or not, must be able to know whether or not their food contains GMO ingredients.

While Congress didn’t pass a comprehensive standard for GMO labeling, there are many battles ahead that will determine the true detrimental impacts of the DARK Act. I will continue to fight for stringent standards, so that consumers can easily exercise their right to know what is in their food.


Earl Blumenauer

Member of Congress