Blumenauer Announces $118 Million in Funding for Education Jobs in Oregon

September 13, 2010
Press Release

“This new funding is absolutely critical to keeping teachers on the job and ensuring we are able to offer our children a quality education,” said Blumenauer. “Now more than ever, America must invest in our education system to ensure that we remain competitive in the global economy. Moreover, funds that keep our teachers working will provide a shot in the arm to the Oregon economy as we struggle out of the biggest recession of our lifetime. I am proud to continue to support the significant investments the Obama administration is making in our education system and in our local economy.”

Since early 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has supported more than 300,000 education jobs through stimulus funding. According to the Center on Education Policy, 75 percent of school districts would have had to cut jobs in the upcoming school year without the additional funding provided by Congress this summer.