Blumenauer Applauds AFL-CIO Resolution on Smart Growth

December 7, 2001
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC --- Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) today lauded the national AFL-CIO for passing a resolution that condemns urban sprawl and promotes smart growth. The resolution, which was passed Thursday at the AFL-CIO Convention in Las Vegas, calls on the AFL-CIO leadership to recognize the problems associated with unplanned urban growth and to play an active role in the smart growth national debate.

"Working people in America know first hand the effects of community design and transportation systems that don't give families adequate choices. Traffic congestion and scattered job sites have disproportionate impacts on working people," said Blumenauer. "The 13 million members of the AFL-CIO, working together with other members of the Livable Communities movement, will be a potent force for policy change."

The resolution was initiated by the 500,000-member Chicago Federation of Labor. CFL President Don Turner said, "I'm pleased the AFL-CIO leadership will be actively engaged in the public and political debates surrounding urban sprawl and smart growth. Labor has a lot to contribute to this national debate about the future and quality of life of America's urban regions."

"I predict this resolution will prove to be the most enduring environmental message organized labor sends this year," said Greg LeRoy, director of Good Jobs First. "If all politics is local, smart growth is tailor-made for the AFL-CIO's Union Cities program to build new alliances with community groups."

Representative Earl Blumenauer is the congressional leader and spokesman for the Livable Communities movement, which helps ensure that communities are safe, healthy and economically secure through policies that encourage smart growth, environmental responsibility, economic vitality, and more diverse transportation and housing choices. For more information on Congressman Blumenauer's work on livable communities, visit his web site at